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School and sports physicals are a routine part of childhood, and having a trusted pediatrician to rely upon makes it easy to get these tasks checked off your to-do list. Eric Dodson, DO, of All Ages Pediatrics PC in Ottumwa, Iowa, offers many specialized exams, including sports physicals, school physicals, annual physicals, and well-child checks. Online scheduling allows you to book from the comfort of home, or you can always call to check appointment availability.

Physicals Q & A

What are school and sports physicals?

School and sports physicals are specialized physical exams intended to ensure your child is healthy enough to attend school or participate in organized sporting activities. These exams are a common part of childhood, and most kids need at least one type of physical at some point before reaching adulthood. 

Special physicals are also sometimes required to attend camp, travel outside of the country, or start a new job. In each example, the organization that requires the exam likely has a list of requirements that the doctor needs to check off.

What is the purpose of a sports physical?

There are a multitude of benefits that come with playing organized sports. Your child learns sportsmanship, teamwork, and how to set goals and work to exceed expectations. 

Sports can also take a toll on growing bodies. Some youth athletics carry a significant risk of injury, and over-training can also be risky. 

A sports physical is a specialized exam intended to make sure your child has the strength, stamina, and physical conditioning required to train and play safely. They are often required to meet insurance and liability conditions.

What happens during a school or sports exam?

Many aspects of a school or sports exam at All Ages Pediatrics PC are similar to the steps taken during a well-child exam. The doctor records your child's vital signs, as well as information about height and weight. They commonly include a basic neurological exam and skin check. 

Vision and hearing checks might also be part of the process. Your pediatrician may also check your child's reflexes, posture, and strength. This time is also an excellent opportunity for your child to ask questions about training, conditioning, and nutrition, all of which factor into athletic pursuits. If they need vaccines, they receive them during the exam.

What if my child fails a sports physical?

If the doctor finds potential areas of concern, you might not walk out with the paperwork needed to meet a school or sports physical. While this can be frustrating, it simply means the physical has served its intended purpose. 

You learn how to take action to improve your child's health and address the areas of concern. If additional testing is needed, you find out when and how to move forward with those screenings. 

You should view a "failed" school or sports physical as an opportunity to make improvements in your child's health and wellness. You can always return for a follow-up exam, and if the issues are addressed, you may be able to get the green light for school, sports, or any other activity that brought you in for a specialized exam. 

Booking a school or sports physical exam is fast and easy. Simply call All Ages Pediatrics PC to find a time that fits your schedule, or try the simple online booking tool.